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02 February 2024

Turning a bigger wheel together

Sponsors and Staff united at REMBE®s facilities in Brilon, Germany.

Sponsors and staff met at the beginning of February at the name sponsor and global market leader REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control in Brilon.
Brilon. At the sponsor annual reception, the managers of the REMBE Pro Cycling™ Team Sauerland have sealed important partnerships for the coming season. With the tailwind of supporting domestic sponsors, the team is now facing an international future, while preparing for a challenging season in parallel.
The meeting took place in an exclusive setting at the name sponsor and world market leader REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control in Brilon, to which team managers Heiko Volkert and Jörg Scherf had invited. Bernd Sudhoff, cycling-enthusiastic managing director of REMBE® Kersting GmbH, could not hide his enthusiasm when he explained to the assembled supporters: "This meeting marks another milestone for our cycling team. With our joint support, we are able to drive ahead and think bigger."

The sponsors, including many companies from the Sauerland, express their conviction in the skills of the team. Your financial support allows the REMBE Pro Cycling™ Team Sauerland to access state-of-the-art equipment and first-class training opportunities, which is crucial for the success of the cycling season that has already begun. Team manager Jörg Scherf: "Our first endurance test was the Mallorca Challange, in which we competed with the world's best teams. Now follows the race in Antalya."

Heiko Volkert: Our trip started in 2015 and is currently being raised to another level. Especially thanks to the company REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control, we were able to significantly strengthen our driver and staff team. Especially the interaction of the sporting directors Gregory Henderson and Wolfgang Oschwald as well as the leadership qualities of the pilots Paul Wright and Jacob Scott make us hungry for more.
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