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01 July 2024

Strong 3rd place for Julian Borresch at the U23 German Championships in Bruchsal

Julian Borresch achieved a strong 3rd place at the U23 German Championships in Bruchsal. The title fights were held as a four-country championship together with Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.

Louis Leidt, Niklas Behrens (both Trek Lidl) and Julian Borresch (from left to right)
The race on a demanding course was characterized by numerous climbs and torrential rain. The almost 150 racers had to complete 144 kilometers.
For a long time, Julian Borresch was part of an eleven-man leading group in which the Lidl Trek team dominated in terms of numbers. “Julian had his sights set on more than bronze! In the final he even drove alone on the gold course. However, the solo escape was thwarted by the eventual winner Niklas Behrens and his teammate Louis Unsert,” reported Wolfgang Oschwald afterwards. “That was perhaps the right sporting response to not being invited to the Germany Tour. In a youth field of under 23-year-olds, we and the REMBE Pro Cycling™ Team Sauerland are one of the best in the country,” said state coach Oschwald. The remaining Sauerlanders were able to underline the good team performance. Everyone finished the “small” DM despite the terrible conditions in the chasing group.
Source: Image Mario Stiel
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