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23 May 2024

Off-road specialist Voege wins on the road

With his victory at the Cologne Classics, Lennart Voege from Nordenau won his first ever road cycling race last Whit Monday. The 24-year-old was able to win the sprint from a leading group of several people.

from left to right Jan Marc Temmen, Julian Borresch, Lennart Voege and Jonathan Rottmann
Together with his colleagues from the REMBE™ Pro Cycling Team Sauerland, the trained mountain biker was one of the most active riders in the international peloton. "We didn't expect that. Lennart is a strong driver.
“But we didn’t know that he could win a sprint from such a group,” said NRW state coach Wolfgang Oschwald, happy for his driver and the entire team. After 101 kilometers, Voege relegated Luxembourg's Cedric Pries and Hesse's Phillipp Freyer to places. The race in the Longerich district was run at an average speed of just over 48 km/h. There were 85 athletes from Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Czech Republic at the start. In addition to Lennart Voege, Jonathan Rottmann, Julian Borresch and Jan Temmen represented the colors of the REMBE™ Pro Cycling Team Sauerland.
Source: Image Sven Andre Schrankel
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